What sample size can be heated up?

Size of the sample are decided by the diameter of the Quartz rod and standard rod diameter is 20mm.
Thus, the standard sample size is 20mm for all Quartz rod guided heater (GV, GVL & GVH series).
The rod size can be specified between 5 and 28mm when ordering.

Sample size for IVF series (Focused Infrared heater) is 10mm diameter for IVF198 (1kW) and 10-20mm for ICF298 (2kW).

heater type Standard rod dia. std. sample size
Quartz rod guided, GV, GVL & GVH series 20mm 20mm
Focused Infrared heater, IVF series Focused beam throug a viewing port 10mm for 1kW
10-20mm for 2kW