Quartz Guided Infrared Heater integrated into MBE manipulator

Quartz Guided Heater integrated MBE ManipulatorQuartz Guided Infrared Heater is successfully integrated into 4 axis manipulator for MBE application.
The integration was done by CreaTec in Germany for a requirement of rapid heating upto 1,000ºC, heating in gas environment (i.e. O2) and high precision manipulation (upto 4 axis) in UHV chamber.

The Thermo Riko's Quartz Guided infrared heater is mounted on a high precision XYZ stage with a long Quartz rod (approx. 1m lonog) and heating the sample from backside to allow deposition on the front surface of the sample at underside.



Sample Holder Design as specified
Sample size as specified
Heating System 1kW or 2kW infrared buld
Thermocouple Type K, Type C or Type R
Temperature range up to 1,000ºC
Bake-out temperature 200ºC
Flange size DN 63, 100, 160 or 200CF
Axis up to 4 axis
X, Y: up to ±25mm
Z: up to 600mm
Azimuthal rotation: continuous
Mounting Orientation Vertical or Inverted
Pressure Range Ambient to 10-11 mbar
UHV Length as specified


For the full details, please visit the CreaTec website by clicking the below CreaTec logo.