Thermal desorption spectroscopy

Thermal Desorption System with GVL298 IR HeaterThermal desorption spectroscopy technique requires 'CLEAN' heating. Heaters which uses a filament could give outgas from the filament and the gas would affect the result of spectroscopy as noise. In this point of view, the Infrared non-contact heating method like Thermo Riko's GV/GVL/GVH heaters are the ideal heater to achieve ultimate cleanliness while analysing the desorbed gases from a sample, because its heat source (IR Lamp) is outside of an analysis chamber and there is no chance to produce extra gases in the analysis chamber.

The picture below shows a thermal desorption spectroscopy system which equips GVL298 - Quartz Guided Infrared Heater which is installed in Yamaguchi University (Nanofab Platform). (picture by courtesy of Kyoto University Nanofab Platform.) An example data can be seen here.

Product data:
  • System: Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy (high resolution version)
  • Heater: GVL298 - Quartz Guided Infrared Heater, High vacuum, max. 1,500 C
  • Customer: Yamaguchi University, Nanofab Platform

TDS at Yamaguchi University