Sample cleaning on Jeol XPS system

Sample cleaning for the preparation prior to XPS analysis is one of the popular usage of Thermo Riko's GVH series Quartz Guided Infrared Heater. The picture below is one example of the installation of GSH298 on Jeol XPS system.

GVL298 Infrared heater was chosen among other type of heaters, because it gives good performance not only for high speed and high temperature but also for the short time of cooling down, which is ideal for load lock chamber installation. IR lilght is irradiated to surface without contact to the surface. Once the IR lamp turned off, no residual heat around the sample thus the sample can be cooled in short time.

Product data:
  • System: Jeol XPS system
  • Heater: GVL298 - Quartz guided Infrared heater, High vacuum
  • Customer: Meijo University, Prof. Maruyama