Sample cleaning for XPS

Cleaning a sample in an XPS system - Tokyo City University

Infrared Heater GVH in UHV SystemLeft picture shows an example in which the infrared guide heating system has been installed in an X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The long component in the top center of the photo is the GVH-model infrared guide heating system, which acts as a clean heating source. In the clean heating of samples, the sample receives infrared rays inside a circular cylindrical pre-chamber (in an ultra-high vacuum) under the infrared guide heating system, rising in temperature and discharging impurities. The cleaned sample is transferred in the ultra-high vacuum to the analysis chamber on the right side by means of a conveying mechanism, without being exposed to the atmosphere. This system prevents the contamination that can occur from exposure to the ambient atmosphere, allowing high-precision analysis of a clean sample.

Picture: GVH Heater on ESCA-3000 at Tokyo City University (Japan)