Creating an Oxide Thin Film

Creating an Oxide Thin Film - Kyoto University

Infrared Heater GVH in UHV SystemTo deposit a thin film of transition metal oxide, the PLD (Pulse Laser Deposition) method is often used. In this method, a pulsed UV laser beam is focused on a target raw material, instantly breaking down and vaporizing it, and depositing the material on a substrate. In contrast, to grow an oxide epitaxially on a substrate, the substrate must be heated to a high temperature in a high oxygen pressure. Fig. shows the concept of the PLD method, while Photo2 shows an example in which the infrared guide heating system (at the top of the photo) has been installed for heating a substrate.

√ Ultimate Pressure: 5×10-9 Pa
√ Max. temperature: 1,200°C - 1,400°C

Schematic drawing of the system.
Schematic drawing of the PLD system

Picture: Provided by Prof. Takahito Terashima at the Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences, Kyoto University