GV/GVL Series - Rapid Infrared Heaters

GVL298 Heating On

Thermo Riko's patented GVL infrared rapid heaters are using a specially designed Infrared Lamp to emit NIR wavelength. Gold coated spheroid reflectors are precisely manufactured to collect the NIR efficiently and introduce the infrared wavelength to the top of the Quartz rod. The Quartz rod transferes the NIR wavelength with minimal loss of wavelength towards the substrate surface. For more information for the technology, please visit Technology page

Specifications and Features

  • Max temprature: 1,500°C
  • Heating speed: 100°C/sec max.
  • Less than 1 minute to 1,500°C
  • Typical working distance: < 5mm to the substrate surface
  • Cooling : water and air
  • Cooling water requirement: 2 litre/min.  filtered water recommended
  • Heating substrate region only
  • No contamination from atmospheric heat source
  • Programmable controller allows flexible control of the temperature and time
  • Low power consumption, 1kW and 2kW model
  • Can be used with any gases (i.e. Oxygen)
  • Mounting Flange: CF35 (2-3/4"/70mm OD flange)

  • Lineups of GV/GVL series Quartz-guided Infrared heater

Feature GV198 GVL298 GVL398
IR Reflector Gold Spheroid Gold Spheroid Gold Spheroid
IR Lamp Power 1kW 2kW 3kW
Vacuum Seal Oring V21 Oring VL21 Oring VL21
Flange DN35CF DN35CF DN35CF
Quartz Rod Dia. 20mm 20mm 20mm
Max. Temp 1,300 1,500 1,600
Heating Area 20mm 20mm 20mm
Leak Rate 1.33 x  10-8Pa·m3/sec or less 1.33 x  10-8Pa·m3/sec or less 1.33 x  10-8Pa·m3/sec or less
Ultimate Vacuum 5 x 10-7Pa
(5 x 10-9 mbar)
5 x 10-7Pa
(5 x 10-9 mbar)
5 x 10-7Pa
(5 x 10-9 mbar)
Heating speed 100-150ºC/sec 100-150ºC/sec 100-150ºC/sec
Cooling water 1 litre/min 2 litre/min 2 litre/min

GVL298 Dimensions

Configuration (Typical GVL298)

  1. Infrared Guide Section: IG298
  2. Vacuum Flange: VL21
  3. Infrared guide rod: GRL100
  4. Linear shift device: SD25
  5. Temperature Controller: TP300RF
  6. Flow switch: DFS3



Model Total Length L
GV198 485 ~ 510 380 105 ~130
GVL298 642 ~ 692 490 152 ~ 202