Super RTA System - SR1800D

Super RTA System - Ultrahigh Temperature Rapid Annealing SystemThermo Riko newly released Ultrahigh temperature version of their Infrared Annealing system, SR1800D.
Infrared rays emitted from an infrared lamp are reflected by a gold spheroidal mirror and are led through a transparent quartz furnace core pipe so as to be collected at the sample section. The infrared rays thus irradiate the sample to raise its temperature.
Instead of discharging the Infrared radiation thought Quartz rod to the sample like GV or GVH series, the SR1800D have a sample at the bottom of the unique spheroid reflector module in order to maximise the power of IR thermal radiation. This will heat up your sample to 1800°C or higher at the maximum speed of 300°C/sec.
This SR1800D system proved its performance for a research of Graphene formation over Silicon Carbite (SiC) by Professor Masao Nagase of Institute of Socio-Technology and Science in Tokushima University Graduate School.

Specifications and FeaturesSR1800D principle diagram

  • Max temprature: 1,800°C or higher
  • Heating speed: 300°C/sec max.
  • Less than 1 minute to 1,800°C
  • Sample size: Ø10-15mm
  • Sample can be monitored in-situ
  • Cooling : water and air
  • Cooling water requirement: 2 litre/min, Filtered water recommended
  • No contamination from atmospheric heat source
  • Ultimate Vacuum Pressure: 5 x 10-3 Pa (5 x 10-5 mbar)
  • Programmable controller allows flexible control of the temperature and time
  • Low power consumption: 2kW
  • Main supply: AC100V, 100V/25A
  • Can be used with any gases (i.e. Oxygen)
  • Dimensions: 520 x 700 x 1700mm