The Ultimate TDS Analytical Service now available in UK

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. (JVI) made a contract with ESCO Ltd. who is based in Tokyo, Japan and started offering the TDS analytical service of ESCO Ltd. for researchers in UK, who are in need of analysis of a sample with the high performance TDS system.

JVI takes the order of the service in UK and will send your sample to Japan on your behalf. The TDS analysis will be conducted by ESCO and the data will be sent by post or electronically.

The details of the service and conditions are available upon request. Please send enquiry to

The price of the TDS analytical service is as follows. (1 sample)

  • 1 analysis with TDS1200 System : ¥98,500.- (Japanese Yen)
    in the case of 1 sample upto 1,400°C at 180°C/min. Prices are depending on the specifications of the analysis.
  • Shipping fee to Japan : to be confirmed.

The currency can be converted to Sterling Pounds with the ex-rate at the time of the order. Payment will be expected at the order.

The information about the TDS system can be viewd at Thermal Desorption Spectrometer page 

If you are interested in the analytical service, please contact to