IVF Series - Focused Heater


Thermo Riko IVF298W

Thermo Riko's IVF infrared forcused heaters are using a specially designed Infrared light bulb to effectively emit NIR (near infrared) wavelengths. Gold coated spheroid reflectors are precisely manufactured to focus the NIR onto a sample in vacuum chamber or in atmospheric.

Specifications and Features

  • Max temprature: 1,500°C (IVF298W)
  • Heating speed: 100°C/sec max. (IVF298W)
  • Less than 1 minute to 1,500°C
  • Sample size: 10 ~ 20mm diameter
  • Can be used with any gases (i.e. Oxygen)
  • Cooling : water and air
  • Cooling water requirement: Max. 5 bar (?)  filtered water recommended
  • No contamination from atmospheric heat source
  • Programmable controller allows flexible control of the temperature and time
  • Low power consumption, 1kW and 2kW model


Schematic cross section

IVF Schematic cross section

Model IVF298W IVF198W
Type High Temp. Standard
Mirror Spheroid Mirror - Water Coold
Hieating area Diameter 10 ~ 20mm 10mm
Max. Temp. 1,500ºC 1,300ºC
Max. Heating Speed 100ºC/sec 50ºC/sec
Sample Holder Quartz
Sensor R Type Thermocouple
Ultimate Pressure 5 x 10-6mbar
Gas Supports inert gas flow
Power supply 100V/20A 100V/10A
Cooling water Flow Rate 2 L/min
Typical Application High temperature heating of Silicon and ceramics...etc.