Technical Paper Downloads

Below is the list of technical papers which are related to the Thermo Riko's unique Infrared heater. Click the items will start downloading the technical paper.

  1. New Method of Transmitting Heat which Takes Advantage of the Thermal and Optical Properties of Infrared Rays by Mr. Tomoyoshi Endo, Thermo Riko Co., Ltd.

  2. Effect of Microcavity Profile on the Selective Emitter Performance for Thermophotovoltaic - by Dr. Daizen Kirikae, University of Tokyo

  3. Simultaneous scanning tunneling microscopy and stress measurements to elucidate the origins of surface forces - by Dr. Tetsuya Narushima, Schoold of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin, 2007

  4. Download request form for Graphene formation on the Silicon Carbide (SiC) by Dr.